08 August 2005

Some days I just feel old

I did something foolish. Not bad or evil or anything like that — just foolish.

I went and watched the trailer for the new Dukes of Hazzard movie.

Okay, are you done laughing? Thanks.

Anyway, I used to watch the Dukes when I was younger. (No, that's ok — I'll wait for you to stop laughing again.) I liked the car chases, I liked the silliness, I tended to have a little bit of a crush on one or the other of the boys, and I thought Daisy was sweet.

So I thought, why not check out the trailer? No way I'd spend the money to see the movie, but maybe it would be fun to watch a snippet... But instead, it was just depressing. It's not the Dukes as I remember it, it's the Dukes 2005 — sexed up, dumber, faster cars and more explosions. Just depressing.

Like I said, some days I just feel old.

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