18 November 2005

Weber-Hess Family Update

Greetings and Salamanders!

I hope Halloween was a happy day for each and every one of you — it certainly was for us. It was rather a bright spot in the midst of the various illnesses we've had of late. (Mostly stomach flu, yuck.) Amy and Dave had their annual party, which was great fun, and then Amy brought Serra down to join Mairi trick-or-treating in our neighborhood.

Chris continues to recover from his nasal surgery. He has described it as being quite weird to simultaneously feel stuffy and better able to breathe than in decades. The doctor was happy with his progress when we saw him on Wednesday. Chris says it's affecting everything, much more than he expected — things taste different, and he sleeps better but can't use the pillow he used to love.

Mairi is learning something new every day, it seems. She's started to be able to write the letters of her name, with a bit of help — an A in the upper left corner, an M in the middle of the page... *grin* Chris takes her to a playgroup every Wednesday (yes, he's socializing! *VBG*) and she's happy to have friends that she sees on a regular basis. Her sense of cause and effect is interesting — there was a wind storm the night she was sick with the stomach flu, and when there was another such storm a week or so later, she became quite concerned that she was going to get sick again!

Nora crawls far too quickly now, pulls herself upright on everything (regardless of whether it will bear her weight), and has started to be curious about the stairs. She's learned to say "Uh oh!" One of her favorite games is to drop things off the highchair tray while looking at us, completely straight faced, and saying "uh oh." She waves bye-bye now, and when very excited will wave both hands at once — she looks a little like she's trying to fly then!

Me, I'm tired. The week of Chris's surgery was hard on both of us, and gave me a renewed appreciation for all he does for our family. Thankfully, my folks were able to be in South Bend and helped out a LOT. Then I had my first breast infection / blocked duct recently, after three+ years of nursing — NOT an experience I care to repeat, thankyouverymuch. Missed quite a bit of work with that, and have been playing catch-up since. Speaking of which, I'd better get going!

Hope each of you has a very Happy Thanksgiving!
(And for those of you not in the US, I hope next Thursday is a lovely day anyway. *grin*)

Love and Hugs, Sara

Those who can laugh without cause have either found the true meaning of happiness or have gone stark raving mad.
- Norm Papernick

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