07 December 2005

First of all, butterfies NEVER wear socks

At the moment, I am extremely stuffed. We had the University Libraries Christmas Luncheon today. Oof. Too much food, but otherwise a rather nice couple of hours (and really, it's nobody's fault but my own that I overindulged). The Glee Club performed, which was lovely — I really enjoy vocal music, especially a cappella.

Chris and the girls are doing well. They had their flu shots yesterday. :-( Oh well, better than the little ones getting sicker later on — that's the theory, anyway. Nora had a rough night, not sure if it was related to the shot or something else. She's growing up WAY too fast — Chris called yesterday to inform me that she had climbed the entire stairs up to our second floor.

It was rather funny the other night — Chris and I were in the TV room with Nora (Mairi was in bed) and all of a sudden she looked up at Chris and said, "DA DA!!" It was like she all of a sudden realized that was his name. I SWEAR I saw the lighbulb go off. :-) Of course, then she looked at me and said "Da Da," so maybe she thinks it means parent (i.e. person who keeps me clean and fed and not bored). I couldn't tell if she was calling me Da Da, or making sure I knew that's who Chris is.

Mairi is maybe *knock on wood* coming out of the obnoxious stage she's been in lately. Don't get me wrong, she's a sweet child and I love her, but... Her behavior this fall has left rather a bit to be desired. Then again, last night she was explaining to Chris how to do yoga — "Let's do Butterfly. First of all, butterfies NEVER wear socks..." :-)

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