06 January 2006

Myself, I rather like the bat ...

If I were a bat I would be ...

a Vampire Bat!

Find out more about this bat or take the quiz to see what kind of bat you are most like.

Vampire bats live in very structured colonies and form strong social bonds. Female bats who go out to feed will share food with other females in the nursery colony by regurgitating food. They will adopt orphaned baby bats.

They are 70 to 90mm in length and their wingspan is 320 to 350mm. They weigh about 40 grams. Their fur is a dark grayish brown. slightly lighter on its belly. Vampire bats can be found from northern Mexico through Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay.

Vampire bats move well on the ground and in the air. When they forage for food, they fly about one meter above the ground. They usually feed on large birds, cattle, pigs, and horses. They rarely bite humans.

They find food through smell, sound, and echolocation. The vampire bat does not suck blood. They use their sharp teeth to make a bite and then lap up the blood that pools there with their tongue. They only need about two tablespoons of blood a day.

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