12 April 2006

And I heard about it via Toronto ...

Turkey crashes into library

The wild birds are uncommon near city, experts say.

By ALICIA GALLEGOS, Tribune Staff Writer
April 8, 2006

SOUTH BEND -- Custodian Irvin Cygirt was sweeping the library floor Friday morning when he heard an ear-splitting crash nearby.

The explosion was so loud that Cygirt says his first thought was a car had driven through the window.

But the custodian quickly discovered it wasn't a car.

It was a turkey.

That's right, a wild turkey had flown into a double window at the St. Joseph County Library, western branch, shattering glass in every direction and knocking over rows of books.

"I've heard of deer going through houses," said branch manager Judy Falzon, "but never turkeys going into a library."
The whole story is (currently) available on-line at the South Bend Tribune.

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add said...

That story rocks!!!

I remember the fall that we had a flock of turkeys living on our block. They would frequent all of the neighborhood bird feeders and generally roosted on our front porch.

But they never came in the house. Though they are definitely stupid enough to run into a window.