10 May 2006

Family update

As some of you may remember, in late March I declared I was sick of being sick and, as a family, we were going to be healthy in April. Much to my surprise, we were more or less healthy in April. But now it's May...

Sara: I had minor surgery late in April to remove three chalazions from my eyelids and two moles from my face. I'm healing nicely -- my eyes now look completely normal and the incisions on my face are quickly disappearing. I had a minor head cold which is lingering but mostly an annoyance at this point.

Chris: He's back on antibiotics for a sinus infection -- third time lucky? The antibiotic, combine with AllegraD, seems to be working *knock on wood* as he's sleeping better (or at least was ... more on that below).

Mairi: Friday I received a call late morning from Chris saying he was headed to the urgent care facility because Mairi had put a raisin up her nose. I met them there and a wonderful doctor quickly took care of the problem. At one point she asked Mairi how old she was. Mairi held up three fingers, which the doctor acknowledged and then, turning to us with a smile, she said, "They're always three." The next day Mairi fell from some playground equipment and knocked her nose against something, giving herself a bloody nose. Fortunately, that was all she got from the fall. Rough couple of days for her nose, though.

Nora: Sunday morning we were awakened at about 4:00 by Nora screaming and then getting sick to her stomach. She'd not had the stomach bug when it passed through the house previously, fortunately. It took well over 48 hours, but by last night she finally seemed to be over it -- and we seem to have dodged a bullet in that she hasn't develop the accompanying diarrhea the doctor warned us of when we took her in Monday morning (better safe than sorry, and with her lack of weight gain of late).

So, of course, Mairi woke us up at about 3:30 this morning by getting sick -- despite our best efforts, she has the bug now. I've been washing my hands compulsively, using Purrell when I can't do that, drinking lots of water, taking extra vitamin C ... in short, everything I can think of to avoid getting this myself. We'll see -- I'm honestly not all that optimistic, despite my efforts.

The silver linings are: (a) this could have hit next week, when we're do to be going to my brother's wedding, and (b) Mairi is now old enough that she doesn't need to be held all the while she sick, as Nora needs to be, so we're hoping Chris's sleep won't be as disrupted. (As I need to be able to get in to the office as much as possible, he's been taking the lion's share of the nighttime sick child duty.)

Oh, and in the midst of being so sick, Nora decided to let go of her supports and start walking independently. Why let a little thing like being terribly sick slow you down, eh? (Oh, and she is cutting her molars, although she still hasn't cut the outer four of her front teeth.)

So there, in a nutshell, is how life is treating the Weber-Hess household. :-)

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add said...

Wow... so much going on. I hope that the sickness fades away quickly and everyone is well for the wedding.

I've finished finals down here--just in time for the heat of summer to settle in. Ugh.

All is well, otherwise, and I'm looking forward to a few weeks off.