27 June 2006

Housekeeping, Part I

I had reached the point where I have so many craft supplies that it is virtually impossible to actually work on anything. My sewing machine was nearly buried and I was having more and more trouble locating the supplies I knew I had.

Side Note: I have a theory that when we know we don't have time to work on something, but we really want to, we tend buy more supplies. Or maybe it's just something I do. It's like I subconsciously believe that if I can just accumulate a critical mass of yarn or cookbooks or sewing materials, then I will have to crochet or cook or sew. So far it's not working...

What has happened is a combination of too much stuff and not enough organization. This was made worse by the fact that upon moving into the "new" house (two and a half years ago), too many boxes were simply put up in the sewing room closet (or into the basement, but that's another project) unopened, unexamined, and unlabeled. Therefore, it was time to straighten and label. Oh yes, and get rid of some of the stuff.

I started last night, opening boxes, compacting things, trying to group like supplies (still need to go back and sort the fabrics...), and, above all else, LABELING. Hopefully this will help me not to make anymore impulse purchases of yarn or fabric or ... Well, you get the idea.

I figure the blogs are a good place to save some of this stuff without having to actually store it (although I do need to figure out a way to back up the blogs). So over the coming days and weeks, there will be various entries fill with quotes, directions, pictures, and whatever other miscellaneous things I find that I can thus post.

One (okay, technically two) of the things that I found were children's reading lists that I had clipped out, or more likely that someone else had clipped out, of a newspaper and magazine. One was an NEH reading list from August of 1988 (here's the current NEH Summer Reading List), the other a list compiled by then U.S. Education Secretary William Bennett. I think I'll just recycle those now...

Another thing I found were these pictures. Enjoy!

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