02 October 2006

Every once in a while

... something I do gets interesting. *grin*

One part of my job at the library is to provide images from our holdings to persons who wish to use them in various ways. Usually this means providing scans from our books, manuscripts or currency to the authors and editors of various scholarly books or articles, as well as a good number of folks involved in the creation of text books. Not the most exciting stuff, but a valuable service to said people.

Today my boss pointed out to me that one of the scans I provided it now on a US Postage Stamp!

The U.S. Postal Service this spring commemorated Benjamin Franklin's 300th birthday by issuing some educational stamps — "Benjamin Franklin, Printer"; "Benjamin Franklin, Scientist"; "B. Free Franklin, Postmaster"; and "Benjamin Franklin, Statesman":

On the "Benjamin Franklin, Printer", the image of currency, at bottom center? That's my scan!!

Life is too amusing sometimes...

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