14 February 2007

Odd one out

I like Valentine's Day. There, I've said it.

I do not like the "spend lots of money on your significant other to show them you love them" thing. But then, I don't particularly go for that line of crap on any other holiday either.

No, I like the idea that in this all too busy world there's a reminder to tell those who mean something to us that they do, maybe show them through some gesture a little out of the ordinary. Yes, we can do this any day we choose, but let's be honest — how many of us actually do?

Do we have to tell people we love them on February 14th? Of course not. Does loving people have anything to do with some Christian saint? Hardly.

But ever since I was a teen, even when I have felt terribly alone on this "day for sweethearts" (*gag*), I still have always tried to enjoy the day. I look at the family who love me, the friends who love me, and I celebrate that we are able to choose to love other people, flaws and all — and that there are people who love me despite my flaws.

And that is why I like Valentine's Day.

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