12 September 2007

Report from my appointment

I went to see Kristin, the midwife who delivered both Mairi and Nora, for my twelve week appointment today. It was nicely low-key.

I've lost about four pounds since I was last in the office (August 10th). Kristin wasn't too concerned about that, especially since I was able to tell her that I don't think I've been losing weight over the last week or so. I think I've lost between ten and fifteen pounds overall since I became pregnant.

Kristin emphasized that for now, it's not so much what eat, it's that I do eat something, "even if that means you eat Ho Ho's all day". I told her I'm more inclined to salty food, especially Triscuits, and she replied, "Then thank heavens for Triscuits!" :-) She encouraged me to take a multivitamin, if I could find something that doesn't make me lose whatever I've been able to eat. I'm going to try the Flintstones Children's Multivitamin plus Extra C — they don't have any iron in them, and iron is often the ingredient to cause upset stomach.

We listened to the baby's heartbeat — eventually. It took rather a while to find the heartbeat, but Kristin assured me that is quite normal for this point in the pregnancy. It was nice and strong, I think about 150. There was only one heartbeat found — twins is one possible explanation that I and some others have thought of for why I've been so much sicker this time around. (Another popular theory seems to be that I'm expecting a boy. I'd be just as happy with another girl, but time will tell.) Kristin pointed out that there could, however, easily be another one hiding in there. Chris's comment? "If this is twins, just take me out back and shoot me."

So, that's all for now. I see Elizabeth, the nurse practitioner, again next month (on the 8th). I'll be about sixteen weeks, and they'll likely schedule an ultrasound for around Halloween, since they typically do one about mid-term. Hopefully by next appointment I will have actually gained a little weight!

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