03 January 2008

Is it really too much to ask?

Today the high is predicted to be about 17° F (at the moment it's 9 and feels like -6 according to weather.com).

Tomorrow and Saturday we are to expect temperatures in the mid-30's. That's about average for our area at this time of year.

Sunday through Tuesday is is supposed to be in the frickin' lower 50s.

Could we please just have winter for a while instead of this yo-yo weather?!?

Some snow pictures, for your viewing pleasure:

My forecast? Everyone is going to be getting sick (again) by the middle of next week...


michigoose said...

If I'm not mistaken it got well above the 50s. We were through MI and Midway airport on Monday. Crazy weather. Home had fog so bad that they canceled school because it hadn't cleared at all by 10am. Very wacky weather.

SaraJoan said...

The official observed temp for Monday was 65° and Tuesday was 58°. Monday's was a new high temp, I'm not sure about Tuesday's.

At least my forecast hasn't come true (yet) — we're no sicker now than we were a week ago.

However, many parts of the area are still under flood warning, thanks to the snow melt followed by lots of rain. I think they said on the local NPR this morning that the St. Joe river was about 4' above flood level and still rising; the Elkhart river has peaked and started dropping.

michigoose said...

I hope everyone is still well and on dry land. :)

SaraJoan said...

We're fine - no sicker than normal for this time of the year, and where we live the water really isn't an issue at all.

We did drive around a bit in downtown South Bend yesterday afternoon, to see what the St. Joe was doing. It was quite impressive to see both how high and how fast it was (no letting the kids out of the car, for certain!). Much of Riverside Drive (which run parallel to the river on the south bank) had obviously been underwater until recently.