14 September 2010

Almost there

I have completed the 35th row of the 36 rows of purple in the last section of Chris's Doctor Who Scarf.

Why have I not finished it? (Other than the fact that I'm at work and shouldn't really be knitting.) Because I'm not sure if I should knit the 36th row and then bind off, or bind off at the 36th row. And how to bind off? :) Yeah, I'm a geek. Have to Google around a bit and see what the best bind off for garter stitch is. (Probably a regular bind off but in purl.)

I think I'm also avoiding that whole wash and add tassels thing...

For the record, sometime late July or early August I got almost to the end of the last gray section:

... and realized I did not have enough yarn to finish it. So, after procrastinating a bit, I ordered one more skein from KnitPicks (along with a bunch of other stuff, which is neight here nor there, thankyouverymuch). Once it arrived, I knit every other remaining gray row alternating to blend in the new yarn (since I had no idea how visible any dye lot differences might be).

Knowing I was this close to finishing the scarf seems to have kept me going at it pretty well. (I also seem to be on a bit of a finishing-things-up jag, which is extremely out of character but rather productive so we'll go with it.) I found if I park near the girls' preschool then I can knit about two rows walking from my car to the office, and another two walking back at the end of the day, so that was at least four rows done any work day.

So anyway, here's one last graphic for the scarf:

Next time I'll post pictures.

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