23 March 2011

11 Weeks

Major league good news: it has been over a week since I last vomited. Yay for better living through chemistry! (And those of you who know me well know just how weird it is for me to be saying that.) I don't know if I've stopped losing weight (I'm down 15 pounds since January), but at least what I eat stays in.

What do I eat? McD's cheeseburgers, two a day most days (I need the protein and dense calories, but I'm getting so tired of them). Cheddar cheese. Lemon yogurt with granola. Lemonade. Um... I had a fruit and walnut snack from McD's today, though I skipped their yogurt. I ate Chex mix till I ran out (Mom's making me some more). I have a bag of mixed walnuts, pecans and cherry flavored craisins in my desk, but the mix needs more dried fruit.

Let's see, what else? I started back at work this week. Half days this week, increasing as I can. I'm very, very blessed to have a job that (a) I can partially do from home, and (b) nothing tragic happens if I can't put in a full day. My illness has pointed up a few ways we could improve how things run in my absence, so we'll work at implementing those before my maternity leave. I'm totally exhausted by the time I get home, but it's good to be getting things done again. (Other than that whole growing another person thing.)

Even though I'm not vomiting, I can tell my hormones are still pretty whacked out. How? I cry at everything! Sappy song? Yup. Kids cartoon? Sure. So, if you say hi to me and I start weeping, don't take it personally 'k?

I guess that's all for this exciting week. Thank goodness! :)

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