05 October 2011

39 Weeks

No baby yet (duh ~grin~). I'm mostly doing fine. My hands ache, sometimes a dull stiffness, sometimes a downright painful feeling. I see the chiro office Tuesday evenings, and am so thankful for them. My back is really not bad at all, and they do what they can to relieve the discomfort in my hands. Other than that, my only complaint is that I'm not sleeping well, so I'm tired.

I've gotten pretty much everything done at work that I wanted done before I'm out. Chris has been getting the house cleaned and organized to his specs, and if he's content with it then I know I will be! I swear he has more of a nesting instinct at this point in a pregnancy than I do. Or maybe it's just that since he does such a good job getting and keeping the house comfortable, there's not much left for me to work on.

So mostly, we're just waiting. How are you?

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