26 October 2005

A different kind of vanity search

A fun idea from some friends' blogs — Google "[your name] is" and pick your top ten favorite quotes. There's even a web site which will do the work for you, Googlism.
  1. Sara is the most underated female singer in the country world

  2. Sara is rescued from three cowboys by Hogan, who is on his way to do some reconnaissance

  3. Sara is right. Yes, it is true.

  4. Sara is a comprehensive network security scanner that discovers, analyzes, and reports on security vulnerabilities of network-based computers

  5. Sara is an historical enigma that is difficult to solve

  6. Sara is an enthusiastic young lady with a tremendous amount of love and life to share

  7. Sara is no longer with Bad Boy

  8. Sara is not just all looks and beauty

  9. Sara is essentially a road trip comedy branded with silly jokes

  10. Sara is a scientific, non-profit organization founded for the sole purpose of supporting amateur radio astronomy.


The Minister of Motion said...

Ah-ha! You are An Iridescent Weasel! You were my #1 supect! So there's one mystery solved. BTW, I think #5 is my favorite.

SaraJoan said...

He-he, a comment. *big silly grin*

Yeah, I like #5, but I like #4 and #10 too. Yes, I am a geek...

the Chair of the Spine Task Force said...

Radio astronomy is a long time hobby of mine. I could use the support.