20 October 2005

It's not about where they sleep..

... It's about making sure wherever they sleep is as safe as possible!

... Dr. Nancy Wight, President of the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine, comments that this statement "represents a truly astounding triumph of ethnocentric assumptions over common sense and medical research." Dr. Wight also states, "There are many physician members of the AAP who do not agree with these recommendations."

Although the authors do state that breastfeeding is beneficial and should be promoted, their recommendations about pacifier use and cosleeping could have a negative impact on a mother's efforts to breastfeed. The statement causes confusion for parents and falls seriously short of being a useful and comprehensive policy. ...
There are many, many resources on-line that talk about how to safely cosleep with one's children — Dr. McKenna's is as good as any: "Guidelines to Sleeping Safe with Infants" (University of Notre Dame Mother-Baby Behavioral Sleep Lab). In the same way that if one's child sleeps in a crib one needs to make sure it's safe (mattress tight to edges, rails not too far apart, etc.), one needs to insure safety in cosleeping (firm mattress, no gaps between mattress and frame or walls, etc.). But to say it can't be done safely? Get real...

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