10 October 2005

If you are what you eat...

...wouldn't you rather eat something that's interesting?

Experts Seek to Debunk Baby Food Myths
By J.M. HIRSCH, Associated Press Writer

Turns out I was right to not worry too much about Mairi and Nora's first foods. Okay, I worried, but I still fed them lots of stuff outside the approved foods list. They both love hummus, and Nora's pretty keen on avocado right now. My logic's been pretty close to one of the quotes in this article: "You know what, children in India eat like that. Why not yours?"

And I've always known that the fact that I was breatfeeding my girls would help them to enjoy more foods later on: "And bring on the spices. Science is catching up with the folklore that babies in the womb and those who are breast-fed taste — and develop a taste for — whatever Mom eats. So experts say if Mom enjoys loads of oregano, baby might, too."

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