10 October 2005

Pix of the Beasties

I know I'm overdue to post some pix of Mairi and Nora. Here are the most recent ones I've got, all taken September 28, 2005:

Nora has two teeth on the bottom, and since this picture has cut one of the top two front teeth — and the fourth is visible, so it should come through soon. She's been crawling on her belly (creeping, military crawl) for a while now, but is rapidly progressing towards crawling with her belly up. About a week ago she started pulling herself up on furniture and such. I'm half-seriously predicting that she'll be walking by Christmas.

Mairi is totally a little girl now, or rather, a BIG girl — as she would be sure to correct me. She's bossy, stubborn, and contrary — and also sweet, intelligent, and helpful. In other words, a typical three-year-old. *grin* She likes "macaroni pizza" and "egg oop soup." She can now sing the ABC song, and remembers the lyrics to several other favorite songs. She's starting to like to "read" to Chris and me — books she's heard often enough that she remembers the words.

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