24 February 2006

Quickly as possible

A family update (in no particular order):

I am getting better, as far as I can tell. I was able to work almost a full day today. The cold is trying to settle into my chest, I'm trying to not let it. We'll see who wins. ("Tune in Monday, when our heroine...")

Chris is on his second course of antibiotics, the five-day variety this time, after seeing the doctor again yesterday. He is still having trouble sleeping because of his cough, even when sleeping in the recliner. We are not amused.

Mairi seems to be getting over the cold, but still has a rather awful sounding cough. Thankfully, she is able to sleep and that is doing much good for her. The doctor said as long as she appears to be getting better, not to worry if the cough lingers — apparently it does that with this cold. Side note: it is highly unfair when small children are healthy but their parents are not.

Nora, the only one in the house not to require antibiotics so far *knock on wood* (yay for breastfeeding!), appears to be almost completely better. The río nasal has almost ceased its flow.

I'm going home now, hopefully to rest and finish recovering. May you have a lovely and healthy weekend, reader, wherever you are...

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