28 February 2006

Photos and a brief family update

We're all still sick, but we all seem to be getting better. Chris is definitely doing well (although he is having some trouble adjusting to being back in our bedroom after two weeks of needing to sleep in the recliner in order to be able to breathe).

Nora had her weight check appointment today, and she's gained about six ounces. Not enough to completely reassure the doctor, so we'll do another weight check at the end of March. *shrug* Since the bloodwork came back clean, I really haven't been worrying too much about this, to be honest. I suspect if we can just get the family healthy, and stay healthy, she'll start to put on more weight.

On to the pictures. Here's Miss Mairi with her hair up in pig-tales. Yes, she is as much of an imp as she looks — and as much of a sweetheart.

And here's a picture of Miss Nora licking the "beater" from when I made guacamole the other night. Loves her avocado, my Nora does...

Actually, I'm pleased to report that even with being as picky an eater as she is, Mairi has some interesting favorite foods. She loves egg drop soup, and one of her favorite restaurants to eat at is Elia's — they serve Middle Eastern cuisine. When she finds out we're eating there, she gets all excited that she's going to get hummus, falafel and baklava. (Nora will eat almost anything, which makes it all the more curious that she's not gaining weight more quickly.)

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add said...

Great pics! Such wonderful smiles-- though there's definitely some mischieveousness (sp?) behind the twinkles in Mairi's eyes.