21 February 2006

So, how are things with you?

Things in South Bend are okay. Only okay because I think we've had about ten days so far in 2006 when all four of us were healthy. :-(

Chris and Mairi both just finished up their antibiotics yesterday, his a ten-day run, hers a five-day. He was diagnosed with bronchitis, and I think Mairi was too but I honestly forget. Both seemed to being doing better yesterday, though not 100% healthy and not really as much better as I'd hoped for by this point. Nora woke up with a very runny nose Sunday morning, but so far it has stayed in her head (thankfully!). I've been staving things off (someone has to be healthy in the house — thank heavens for vitamin C) but yesterday started to sneeze and drip quite a bit. *sigh*

I don't mean to whine, really I don't. Mostly I'm feeling frustrated because I would like for us to be healthy and I can't figure out what I can do to increase the odds that we will be. Are we not getting enough sleep? Not eating well enough? Do we need to disinfect the house? Exercise more? Is it this stupid "can't make up my mind what season it is" weather?

Let's change the subject, this is just annoying and depressing me.

The girls are doing well. Mairi is still in her "friend or foe" phase, but when she's being a friend it is just too much fun. She loves to help me, whatever I'm doing. It's fun to cook with her — we made guacamole the other day and she helped me with making cupcakes for both January birthdays (Chris and Nora). She's a good big sister (when not sitting on Nora *sigh*) and loves to make Nora laugh (and for the most part she's very, very good at it). She remembers stuff that I can't believe, and will talk about when Nora had to be in the hospital a year ago and such. She's learning to sing, and one of my favorite things is to sing together with her. :-)

Nora is doing well, as far as I can tell. She's not put on any weight according to the home scale, but she eats plenty and is very, very active. She has a weight check with the doctor next week. She's not walking on her own yet, but continuing to make progress in that direction. She's learning to speak more and more — yesterday she said "bye" for the first time when leaving my office. When I get home at night, as soon as I come through the door she starts crawling towards me saying "Hi! Hey!" A lovely way to be greeted! :-) She has started in on some of the less attractive toddler behaviour recently, and will throw a humdinger of a temper tantrum when told she can't do something. Fortunately, distraction works great at this age.

All in all, we are well (other than that whole being sick thing). How are you?

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