17 February 2006

In case you've ever wondered what I do ...

... here's an example of my handiwork. We have a new exhibit here in the department, describing exactly what Special Collections is, and I'm in charge of exhibit title posters. The poster will be 80" by 38" (that's right, 6'8" x 3'2" — the individual letters are about 10" tall). Each letter contains an image of something from the collections.

Yes, it took a lot of work. But I think it was worth it. :-)


Davidicus Rex said...

Evie: ...But I am proud of what I am!

Rick: And what is that?

Evie: I.....am a librarian!

SaraJoan said...

Ah yes, one of my most favorite lines. :-)

(Unfortunately, technically I am library staff. I haven't gotten my MLS or MIS. Yet.)

Davidicus Rex said...

Technically Shmechnically! MLS? Mighty Large Sack? MIS? Marginally Insecure Shoe? if thats all you need I'm sure I can loan you mine I'm not using them.