07 February 2006

Well, that's a relief!

For those of you who didn't know, when Nora saw the doctor last Wednesday for her one year check-up she had only gained less than a pound since the previous visit (three months earlier). While her height and head circumference measurements were continuing along a nice, upward curve on the growth chart [example chart, not Nora's], for the second visit her weight measurement followed a downward curve.

For a number of reasons, it seemed likely this was just an anomaly: her other numbers are good, her development and behavior are normal, she's so very active, she's been transitioning to solid foods (which are initially less well absorbed by the body than breastmilk), and I've been sick a fair amount this winter (so it is possible that my milk supply was down). However, given the thyroid troubles I've had with both pregnancies, we were still somewhat concerned. After talking things through with our doctor, we agreed to have blood drawn, just to check. Poor Nora — she had three shots and then a blood draw!

Well, I just got off the phone with our doctor's nurse and all the results came back normal: thyroid, the complete blood count (CBC), lead levels (I think this one was an "as long as we're drawing blood for testing" thing for the doctor), and the comprehensive metabolic panel (which evaluates organ function and checks for conditions such as diabetes, liver disease, and kidney disease) — they're all good! So, we'll go back at the end of February for a weight check and hope for the best in the meantime.

She sure acts like a healthy, normal kid! :-)

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