16 March 2006

An amusing bit o' news

Many bishops grant meat exception for St. Patrick's Day

By Emily Fredrix

MILWAUKEE - Michael O'Leary doesn't need to choose between sinning and nibbling this St. Patrick's Day.

O'Leary will enjoy his corned beef on Friday with a clear conscience — thanks to a special dispensation from another Irish-American, Archbishop Timothy Dolan of Milwaukee.

Dolan is among dozens of bishops — from Green Bay, Wis., and Arlington, Va., to Chicago and Boston — granting one-day dispensations from Lenten rules that prohibit Roman Catholics from eating meat on Fridays to observe the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. In many cases, the bishops are asking for a similar day of penance in exchange for relaxing the rules this Friday.

You can see the whole article on-line in the ContraCosta Times article.

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