25 July 2006

It's come to this...

As most of you know, we have two cats. Ivy is about twelve, a tortoiseshell with striking coloring, including a face that is half black and half brown — divided right down the middle. She was given to Chris shortly after his cat Valentine died. Chessie is about eight, a gray striped tabby with spots on her belly (her nickname as a kitten was "pike"). Chris and I chose her together from the St. Joseph County Humane Society shelter, shortly after we were married.

As hard as it is for either of us to really admit it, we've reached a point where we need to find them new homes, together or individually.

Chris is quite allergic to them, and I'm allergic as well. We're not sure about the girls but suspect Mairi may be allergic to the cats, too. Both of my brothers, our brother-in-law Mark, and my dad are also allergic, to the point that being in our house for long is difficult for any of them.

Also, Chessie isn't exactly good with little kids. She sleeps on Mairi's bed and likes attention from her okay, as long it's on Chessie's terms. When Nora tries to do what big sister does and pets her (gently, we've never let the girls be rough with either cat!), Chessie gets agitated. But rather than going somewhere else (as Ivy does if she doesn't want to be pet), Chessie will stay where she is and get more and more agitated, finally hissing or swiping at Nora if we don't intervene. While we try to not let things get that far, Nora is getting older and more independent and so we're not always watching her anymore...

Bottom line is they're both good cats, but we need to find them new homes, not necessarily together (Chessie and Ivy occasionally interact but basically tolerate each other). If you would like a mature cat, or know of someone who would, please get in touch with me, okay? Ivy would do fine in any home, Chessie anywhere that there aren't young children. Both have been spayed, neither is declawed. We have cat carriers and scratching posts which we would be happy to provide with the cat(s). If we can't find them a home ourselves, we'll be bringing them to a local no-kill shelter later this fall, whenever they have room.

Neither Chris nor myself is happy about this but we feel it's what must be done. Mairi's going to be heartbroken, and I know Nora will miss them. :-( Both of the girls' first word was "kitty".

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