15 January 2008

Thirty Weeks

Ten weeks left to go — more or less. Seventy days ... fifty work days. How can a length of time seem simultaneously very long and very short?

Baby and I are both doing well (as far as I can tell). She tends to be quite active, especially at night. Yesterday morning she managed to get herself angled between my right hip and my breastbone and spent the rest of the day stretching — not the most comfortable thing for mama.

I had some rather extreme back pain prior to Christmas, at which point I started making regular visits to a local chiropractic office. I must admit, I was skeptical — but I was also in enough pain to give it a try. My results have been good — far better than I anticipated. I still get sore easily (standing or walking a lot is especially likely to bring on back pain), but all it takes is a bit of resting to feel fine again. I see the endocrinologist next week, and I'm really hoping I will be able to wean off the PTU after this visit. Keep your fingers crossed for me, eh?

Chris and the girls are all doing well. Mairi is learning to read and write, which is very exciting (both for her and for us). Nora continues to be a little firecracker — full of energy and at times quite explosive. Chris continues to work on his audio projects, although he is more focused on attaining a (mostly) finished state these days — he wants to spend more time enjoying music and less time tweaking equipment, I think.

South Bend is in Winter Pt. 4 as of this week. Return of snow, return of quite cold weather. I'm hoping it will stay winter until sometime in mid- or late-February and then actually shift to spring, but I'm not holding my breath about it.

Not much else to report on. Strange dreams, most likely because I'm not sleeping all that soundly. (In one a friend was trying to get me to buy a banjo the other night. In a quilting store. And it wasn't a particularly nice banjo, but rather an older one in need of much TLC. She was quite put out when I wasn't interested — she was buying one after all...)

I started another blog, for the specific purpose of writing about my needlework projects and related musings: Jill of All Needles. Who knows if I'll actually find time to write any of the thoughts down.

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michigoose said...

Hey-- Glad you're feeling well, other than the back pain and someone sticking their foot in your diaphragm (or bladder, I suppose).

Hope the weather is serving as an excuse to stay mostly inside and get things with yarn accomplished. :)