01 February 2008

32 weeks, 4 days

1 month, 24 days to go to the official due date. I thought it was time for a pregnancy update.

I saw my endocrinologist last week. Good news there: I'm off the thyroid medication! Yay!! And I don't have to follow up with him until 2-3 months after the baby is born, unless I have concerning symptoms (e.g., losing weight even though I'm eating well or feeling extremely hyper — actually, I'm so tired these days that feeling hyper at all might be a sign that something was up...).

Yesterday I saw my midwife — for the first time since Halloween. My other visits have all been with the Nurse Practitioner. Apparently the hospital recruiter is making little to no effort to actually find another midwife for the practice. Rather nerve-wracking, as I'm not sure how long Kristin can keep this up without burning out.

Other than that, the visit was fine. Weight gain, growth, etc. were all where they should be. I actually passed the glucose tolerance test I took on New Year's Eve day — third time lucky, I guess, or maybe the extra cinnamon did help. The girls both came to the appointment, and Kristin let Mairi be the one to find the heartbeat with the Doppler — quite exciting for her. *grin* Baby is head down, and we talked a little about how to encourage her to stay that way and be in a good position come March.

We're finally all more or less healthy in our household, for a few days at least. Mairi's a bit snuffly, but I hardly count a head cold anymore, especially if it's not slowing her down. She's getting very close to reading it seems, recognizing most if not all letters and some words. Nora continues to go through some sort of growth spurt, outgrowing clothes every time we turn around. We'll have to spend part of this weekend weeding out her dresser (again), as she's very much into dressing herself these days.

Guess that's all to report for now. Here's hoping I don't get snowed in at the office...

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