01 February 2008

Killing the photo blog

I haven't posted to it since the fall of 2006. There are only ten posts total, only some of which had pix included. Time to let this thing die a natural death, I think.

A brief summary/eulogy:

10.02.2006 — The Road Before Us

A picture I took September 24, 2006, at Yankee Springs Recreation Area, during a trip there with my friend Willoughby.

10.03.2006 — Hold still, now...

Mairi getting her face painted at the Renaissance Festival, photo taken on October 1, 2006.

10.05.2006 — Digging into my personal backlog

This picture was taken at the Detroit Zoo, when we visited in March of 2006.

10.23.2006 — Warning: Mushiness ahead!

A picture from May 2006 of my mom with her three girls, at Paul and Emily's wedding.

11.03.2006 — A (Belated) Happy Halloween

Trick or Treating, 2006. Back row, left to right: my nephew TJ (Batman), daughter Mairi (a blue dragon) and family friend Serra (Tinkerbell); front row: nephew Charlie (a spider) and daughter Nora (pink panther).

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