06 February 2008

33 Weeks, 2 Days

I am starting to feel like time has slowed to a standstill, but I think that is mostly a side-effect of the insomnia / lack of sleep of late. It really feels like it has slowed, though. It's taking at least two days to get through every one day.

I haven't decided whether packing my hospital bag this weekend will help or not, but I think I'll do it nonetheless. I fear that if I don't, the next time I think of it will be when my contractions are five minutes apart — life seems to be like that lately.

The weather is driving me bonkers again. In the past twenty-four hours, we have had drizzle, thunder and lightening, heavy rain, snow and then more rain. I am grateful, however, that we have not had tornadoes.

I'm resisting the urge to do one or both of the memes on doomseeddiary's journal.

I know there are things I should be working on — rather than posting to my blog — but I just can't seem to care. Probably another effect of whole the lack of sleep thing.

No, we haven't picked out a name for the baby yet. We don't decide until we see the little one. Tradition.

Can we have spring now?

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