03 April 2008

My current reason for not knitting

originally uploaded by sbweber-knits.
Born March 25, I'm pleased to introduce Dorothy Ellen.

She's shown here sleeping on the blanket knit for her by her grandmother (my mom) and with socks I'm knitting for her eldest sister (the picture was taken for the Yarn Harlot's sock scavenger hunt, an international freestyle entry).

What better reason could there be? :-)


rams said...

Congratulations and welcome, Dorothy (my mother's name!) You almost made it to my birthday, but close enough. Aedin told me you'd arrived. The gene pool will be sending a thank-you note.

SaraJoan said...

On behalf of Dorothy and myself, thank you. :-)

Shelley said...

How beautiful she is! I had been wondering if and hoping that all had gone well. Congrats on your new daughter. (The socks are pretty too.)

Alison said...

Oh, she's beautiful! Congratulations!!!

--AlisonH at spindyeknit.com