19 April 2008

Um ... right

My mom and I were recently going through my granny's knitting books (mom's mom). Most were not of any particular interest to me, though I allowed Mom to give me a copy of Leisure Arts' Seamless Raglans by Marion Graham.

I was thumbing through a copy of You Can Knit Better by Lois Larking (copyright 1967) when I found the following:

One of the best knitted articles for a beginner to make is a V-neck sweater. Practically all of the all of the problems that arise in knitting will present themselves at one time or another and must be solved during its making. Working (and "working" is used advisedly) a scarf or some other very simple article is dull and tedious and seldom inspires further effort. On the other hand, a sweater you have made and can wear with pride, provides the incentive to knitmany more beautiful additions to your wardrobe. From that point on, the sky is the limit!

O-kay ... that's one way to think about it. *grin*

The author also has this to say:

If you remember the '40's, you will also remember that skirts dropped from three to five inches in length almost overnight! It will be a real economy to buy two to three extra skeins of yarn if you are making a dress or suit. That knee length skirt may have to be lengthened to the new proportions and, if you do not have extra yarn of the same dye-lot, it will have to be put away for that mythical "seven-year" period when styles supposedly change back. ...

The author goes on to point out that you should make sure the extra yarn gets cleaned as often as the garment does, and in the same way.

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