21 July 2008

Cross crafting

Dorothy's Baby Blanket
Dorothy's Baby Blanket,
originally uploaded by sbweber-knits.
I sew quilts (among other things) and, even more than I sew quilts, I design quilts. To do this I use Electric Quilt software, a product I can't recommend highly enough. Recently, I have realized that this software can be used for some of my knitting projects as well.

I'm working on a baby blanket for Dorothy, using the " Baby Blocks" pattern by Ann Norling — a lovely, simple pattern. Too simple for me — which is no criticism of the pattern as written, just a recognition of my own preferences.

So, I "drew" up the pattern in EQ and started playing, representing the stockinette in one color and the reverse stockinette in another. This is the variation I came up with: a second internal border of the smaller checks, and a central diamond. My new pattern is still pretty simple, but it will be enough more challenging to keep me happy as I knit it.

And for that matter, it would make a lovely simple quilt, too!

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Amy said...

On the theme of cross-crafting: Saw this book & thought of you!


Amy (the other one) N.