01 July 2008

See how she grows

I know, it's been forever since I posted anything. Here are some pictures at least ...

April 11 and April 21

April 27 - after her baptism and May 6

May 12 and June 1

June 8 and June 26

All of the above are links to larger pix, and I think you can browse around my online albums once you're there.

Here's the bare bones of a family update:

Chris and I are adjusting well to being a family of five, for the most part. We survived a trip around Lake Michigan to visit family and friends over an extended Memorial Day weekend - enjoyed the visits, if not all the driving. Chris painted the downstairs bathroom, which leave just one more room to set to rights on the first floor. I'm doing okay for the most part with being back at work (part-time for a few more weeks).

Mairi lost her first tooth a couple weeks back. She's continuing to work on reading and writing, as well as adjusting to her bicycle's training wheels being further off the ground.

Nora is out of diapers (yay!) and mostly doing well with the change. She started at preschool this summer, three mornings a week, and is loving that.

Dorothy is growing and changing so much it's hard to know where to start. She tries to roll over and I swear one of these times she's going to do it from sheer will. She smiles, she laughs, she "talks" - generally charms the socks off anyone within a twenty foot radius. Chris recently had someone stop the elevator doors - almost closed, mind you - so she could admire Dorothy for a few minutes!

I'm missing tons of things, but I'm late for bed as it is. Some day I'll have time enough to write again - and I guarantee, I will be rather bummed about it. *sigh & grin*

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