09 March 2011

9 Weeks

If the research I've done is correct, this week and perhaps next week should be the worst. Then the hormone levels should have peaked and should start subsiding, slowly taking the nausea and vomiting with it. Don't mistake me, I won't be well for weeks yet, not till late April or early May (based on my previous pregnancies). But I should at least stop getting worse.

I am currently at the point where I cannot get out of bed. I am probably consuming less than 1200 calories per day, below starvation level. I have no idea how many calories I'm truly getting, because even with taking anti-nausea meds I am vomiting one to four times a day. A really good day is one where I somehow succeed in not getting sick at all. It's been a while since I had one of those. I do little to nothing so I don't burn any more calories than I have to. Also, because simply sitting up can be enough to make me sick. I've probably lost about 10-12 pounds, but I weighed enough before to lose some.

I'm not writing this in a "poor me" vein. I am pregnant, and so in time this will pass. I am not ill from cancer or some other deadly disease. If all goes well, by summer I will again feel human. If all continues to go well, by Halloween I will have a new baby to show for my suffering. I'm just writing this to document where I am right now.

I saw the endocrinologist yesterday. My thyroid numbers are higher than when they weaned me from my meds at the end of Dorothy's pregnancy, but not as high as when they put me on the meds at the beginning. The doctor opted to wait and watch. I'll get blood drawn in four and eight weeks, and see him in May, unless the numbers indicate I should come in sooner. I think this is good news.

I am bored out of my mind. I read my way through five books in as many days. I can't really knit, the motion triggers the nausea. I surf the web on my iPod and sleep. At least the weather has been above freezing, so my window is open an inch. I can listen to the birds.

I see one of the midwives at my new office on Friday, so maybe I'll have more to report next week...

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