11 March 2011

First meeting with one of the new midwives

...well, they're new to me. ;-)

This morning was my first appointment with one of the midwives at the office I've settled on (for now - more on that later). It went well, I thought. She discussed my options for treating the nausea and vomiting, from lower risk/less chance of working well to higher risk/more chance of wiping out the NVP. We settled on FTAN (the medication I've used in previous pregnancies) with a promise I would not wait for my next appointment, but rather call her if I need something stronger.

She had the lab tech do extra analysis on my urine sample and so was able to tell me I am not dehydrated and there are no ketones present, which means my body is not in starvation mode - both very good news.

I discussed with her the fact that I really am not fond of the OB office that backs these midwives up (it's the office I left when I was expecting Mairi, ironically). She indicated the most common reasons I might have to transfer to them, and none sounded likely given my medical history.

Because I have friends and contacts interested in and connected to birthing issues, I had heard through the grapevine something that I wanted to discuss right off the bat. This midwives office is going through some, hm, let's call it administrative limbo. Stuff about how they're financed. The old system is going away and they don't know what, if any, system will be put in its place. When I asked about this, the midwife I saw today was forthright without volunteering a lot. She said they hope to know what the new situation is by my next appointment (April 8). She also said if there is at any point any likelihood that I would not be able to have a midwife attended birth with them, they would help me transfer to another office. So I felt pretty good about that.

She was able to find the baby's heartbeat - I'd been bracing myself for that not to happen, as nine weeks two days is too early for finding the little one to be a sure thing. Nice and strong. Brought tears to my eyes and made why I'm dong this so much more real all of a sudden.

I'm feeling stronger today, better than when I wrote my nine weeks entry even. Not normal, but at least not all I can do is lie in bed and wait terrible. Over the last several days I've stopped fighting it when the nausea gets bad. I figure if my body wants my stomach emptied this badly, who am I to argue? Not a diet plan I'd recommend, though (even if it is effective - I've lost about twelve pounds so far). I hope to be back at work on Monday, for at least a partial day.

Hopefully. *knock on wood*

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