11 May 2011

18 Weeks

Quick post, so I don't have no post as for the last several weeks.

I am feeling better, seemingly every day. I tried to stop the Zofran last week, got sick at about 36 hours, and started back on it but at a lower dose (half what I had needed). I am still at the point where maternity clothes are needed, but my belly is not big enough to really hold up maternity pants, which tends to be annoying. I feel Little One moving from time to time, but not regularly enough to do kick counts or anything like that.

We see one of the midwives tomorrow morning, and will schedule the 20 week ultrasound at that point, so no, we do not yet know if the baby is a boy or girl. Yes, we will probably find out, and yes, I will share whatever we learn.

I saw my endocrinologist yesterday, my thyroid levels have been in the normal range for the past two blood tests, so I'm not likely to need thyroid meds this pregnancy, yay! I'm to see him in about two months (because of my previous history, he'd rather keep an eye on things), with bloodwork then but not in between.

That's really all for now. I'll try to post something tomorrow, after the appointment.

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