17 May 2011

Recent posts on maternity and childbirth in the US

"An Obstetrician's Lament"
A repost by The Navelgazing Midwife of the entirety of "An Obstetrician's Lament" by Annette E. Fineberg, MD — a commentary which was published in the Green Journal (ACOG’s Obstetrics and Gynecology) in May of 2011.

"Lamenting the System"
A series of responses to the above article at The Unnecesarean, featuring the blogmistress' thoughts and links to the four responses she received from "a group of OB-GYN friends" when she asked if "they would be willing to write up a response to the article, whether critical or complimentary, formal or informal."

Thoughts on both of the above from the blogmistress at Mom's Tinfoil Hat.

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Shelley said...

Awesome! I read every single article and will be forwarding this on to my sisters in law for when they start having children.