26 May 2011

20 Weeks - And now for something completely different...

Twenty weeks. Halfway through. It's a major milestone, right?


Sorry, but I'm still in the mid-pregnancy doldrums. This isn't a complaint, not really. I feel better, stronger, all the time. My belly is big enough to be noticed, most of the time (it still sort of depends on what I wear), but not so big as to be a nuisance (yet).

I'm doing well enough that I've been to a two-day computer training session in Chicago, and went out both Monday and Tuesday nights to dinner events. Chris isn't totally on his own when the girls have nighttime parenting needs, and I've been the one to bring Mairi in to school three mornings this week.

I'm feeling the baby move on a more regular basis. Not enough to do kick counts yet, but certainly every day. That's been nicely reassuring.

So, what else could there be to talk about? :^)

Oh right...

We had my twenty week ultrasound this morning. It was different from past experience, in that before I've always had it done in office and therefore talked to the OB (in Mairi's case) or midwife (in Nora and Dorothy's cases) right away. This office doesn't have the screening done in office, but rather at the hospital where I'll deliver. The ultrasound tech was nice, but didn't really tell me anything about how the baby's doing. She pointed out the heart and it's four chambers, and I saw that the cord has three vessels, as it should. To my untrained eye, everything looked about like I remember from previous scans. But I don't know, and that's rather unnerving.

Which is all well and good, you're thinking, but is he a boy or is she a girl?? Well, if the ultrasound tech is correct (and it rather looked like she was), then our girls get to have a little brother.

I have to admit, I was shocked! It took me most of the day to process and start feeling excited. I mean, I really was rather hoping for a fourth girl — even while I was reminding anyone who assumed I was having a girl that there was no way of knowing. I'm still processing, in some ways, so if you're inclined to say "I told you so!", please keep it to your self for a while, k? Thanks.

The biggest thing at the moment, strange as it may sound? Figuring out a name for this little guy! Thankfully, we still have twenty weeks to go, more or less...

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