15 June 2011

23 Weeks

Random thoughts about pregnancy #4 at 23 weeks:
  1. I am completely off the Ondansetron (aka Zofran) I was taking for my NVP. It has been a week tonight since I took my last dose, and I have not felt particularly nauseous during that time.

  2. I think I'm sleeping better now that I'm off the meds, but it's hard to tell with the girls waking us up on a regular basis. Chris and I actually slept through the night, uninterrupted, the whole night, recently. It was amazing...

  3. Chris has now been able to feel the baby move. This made us both ridiculously happy.

  4. We're still working on a list of acceptable boy names. (This does not mean we are asking for suggestions. ~grin~) As with the girls, a final decision will not be made until birth in any case.

  5. The baby is about the size of a large mango or an ear of corn. This is a new-to-me way of describing the Little One's growth that I find simultaneously logical and surreal.

  6. Yes, even though I have been told this Little One is a boy, I still tend to refer to him in sex-neutral terms. This is not denial about him being a boy, this is just how I tend to think and talk about an expected child prior to his or her birth. I was the same way with the previously three pregnancies. I think it's just that I know that ultrasound predictions are not 100% correct, and so I tend to hedge my bets a little. Perhaps it's the mathematician in me.

  7. I have been asked if this pregnancy feels different, "knowing" that I'm carrying a boy. I'd have to say, no, it doesn't particularly.

  8. I think crème brûlée is a totally acceptable substitute for chocolate, no matter what anyone else thinks.

  9. It's nice to mostly be able to be happy about being pregnant, finally. (I'm ignoring the back pain and tiredness for the moment...)

  10. I got new maternity clothes on Friday, and for the first time in my experience I could actually find stuff I liked when I was actually pregnant. (Oh, and Erin, if you're reading this, a fair number of these will likely come to you around Halloween. ~grin~)

  11. The latest midwife appointment was very low key: my stats are all good, the ultrasound didn't show anything to worry about, found the heartbeat, etc, etc. I have one more four-week appointment and then I start my every-two-weeks appointments. This means I am startlingly close to the third trimester!
I think that's all I've got for now.

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