14 September 2011

36 Weeks - Random Thoughts

  • At the end of this week, the Little One will be considered "full term" and if I go into labor most likely my midwives would not try to stop it from resulting in birth. This simultaneously reassures me and terrifies me.

  • I have a new care provider, as discussed previously, but haven't yet had an office visit with them other than the initial interview when I was trying to decide where to transfer care to. The net result is that while I know I have a care provider, I don't feel like I have one. Stressful.

  • I have started getting ready for the birth by reviewing my phone numbers list, getting Chris to rearrange furniture as needed at home, and other similar things. At work I have talked with two of the three colleagues who rely on my for various stuff, and I'm well on my way to having the "stuff we need done before you go on leave" checked off. I know what my student workers will do in my absence and just need to write it up so they know. Does this qualify as nesting?

  • I have a tentative plan in place so I can stop driving in two weeks. I've never yet gone into labor that early, but better safe than sorry.

  • I have been having contractions that, well, they don't hurt really but they sure make my back ache. And I think the baby is starting to drop down significantly—I can breath of lot easier now than I could last week.

  • I wish I lived in a country where maternity leave was more generous, as I rather think I ought to be scaling back my work time, but am loathe to use any of my leave before I have to—I want it all to be available after the baby arrives.

  • Talking about my leave makes me realize I need to touch base with HR and see what paperwork I should file. Since my boss and I are on the same page, I tend to forget I need to formalize things, too.

  • If anyone has suggestions for easy, iron rich bag lunches please send them my way.
I guess that's all for now. If you want a post next week, leave a question in the comments ... otherwise, I have a lot to get done in the next four weeks and may not bother posting.

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